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The Institute

The Feuerstein Institute is an international education, treatment and research center. Founded in 1965, the Institute is home to a ground breaking educational technique – the Feuerstein Method – which is used in educational settings and clinical practice. The Institute’s staff includes psychologists, teachers, therapists and support personnel, who help children and adults alike to achieve what had previously thought to have been impossible by improving their ability to think, learn and function.

Feuerstein for Education

In today’s modern world, students have access to huge volumes of information. However, most lack the cognitive skills required to process and apply it. Despite having high intellectual potential, many students are under-performing and low achieving. This results in low motivation and lack of self-esteem.

The Feuerstein Method is the only educational system which teaches students the process behind thinking and learning skills in an organized, structured way. Feuerstein empowers students to improve how they learn, think and problem solve. Many educators have also found that because information is mediated in a positive, meaningful way, the program has helped to curtail behavioral issues. The Method also creates a new, common educational language and culture within the schools, allowing for greater understanding and faster recognition of similar themes and ideas across academic subjects. In addition, an application of the Method (IE Tactile) is a highly effective tool to enable students with ADHD to become efficient learners.

Feuerstein in Clinical Practice

The Feuerstein Institute helped hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world and from all walks of life, tap into their learning potential and transform their cognitive abilities. It has withstood the test of time, becoming ever more popular and relevant with age.

The Feuerstein Method is incorporated into clinical practice to significantly improve the functioning of children and young adults with genetic and neurodevelopmental disorders and moderate to severe learning difficulties, as well as teens and adults recovering from traumatic head injuries and strokes. Feuerstein also offers a range of programs for young adults with special needs, intended to integrate them to society to the fullest degree possible. Most recently, the Feuerstein Institute has adapted the method for use with the aging, to help slow-down and prevent mental deterioration by re-starting the cognitive learning processes.

To learn more, visit the Feuerstein Institute online.

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