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The Method

What is the Feuerstein Method?

Developed by the Feuerstein Institute, the Feuerstein Method is a unique educational technique designed to enhance an individual’s learning aptitude, and through that, their cognition and functional ability. The method employs a combination of dynamic assessment, mediation and use of specialized tools in order to identify their learning profile, and to mediate in a meaningful way in order to bring about the greatest degree of improvement.

The Feuerstein Method is comprised of two applied learning systems, the Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD) and Instrumental Enrichment (IE). The LPAD is a cognitive dynamic assessment; its goal is to provide insight into how an individual learns, and their potential to improve. The LPAD also deciphers which factors are preventing the learning process, and guides the assessor in how to teach to the individual’s strengths.

Remediation is provided via the IE cognitive intervention program. IE is a collection of content free pencil-and-paper tasks, which teach the learner different ways of interacting with information, such as strategizing, and gathering and organizing data. IE may be taught in classrooms, in an after-school enrichment settings, or used as a part of a clinical therapy program.

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