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Instructions for Examinees


Examinees connect to the Digital LPAD system by going to

The Login screen appears:


The examinee enters his/her first name, last name, date of birth and class number, and then presses Start Test.

Attention: Be sure to enter the date of birth in the correct format for the language. The format can be either MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY.

Once connected to the system the following screen appears:


When the examiner presses  to start the test, the test screen appears.

Test Screens

The test screen will display one of the following types of test:

  • Raven (Standard, Colored, Advanced)
  • Variations 1
  • Variations 2
  • B8-B12
  • Trimodal
  • Representational Stencil Design Test (RSDT)
  • Pre or Post Numerical Series


When a test begins, a count-down timer appears at the top of the screen. This shows the time remaining for the test:

Raven tests

The Raven test displays a box for each question in the Raven workbook. The examinee needs to enter the correct number for the solution into the appropriate box. The examinee presses Submit when finishing the test.


Note: The examiner must request that all students press Submit before the test ends.

After pressing Submit, the examinee receives the following message:


RSDT test

The RSDT requires examinee to enter the stencil numbers in the correct order into boxes. The numbers are entered from left to right.

The examinee enters the numbers into the boxes by using the numerical keyboard at the bottom of the screen.

To delete a digit use the backspace key   .



To proceed to the next question press Next.

Pre and Post Numerical tests

The Pre and Post Numerical tests display a series of numbers and then two blank boxes. The examinee types in the correct numbers for the series into the blank boxes. For example, for the series below the examinee should type 9 and 10 into the boxes:


After filling in the boxes, the examinee presses Next to proceed to the next question.

Other tests

All other tests (Variations 1 and 2, B8-B12, Trimodal) display pictures for the possible solution. The examinee needs to press the correct picture for the solution and then press Next.



Progress Ruler

For all tests (except for Raven), a progress ruler appears at the bottom of the screen. The ruler displays a box for each question and tracks the examinee’s progress. A box turns grey when the corresponding question is answered. Questions that are not answered remain white. The current question is framed in red.

The Next button is activated when an answer is selected.

The following is example is from the Variations test. The progress ruler shows that the examinee is on question 4 out of 58.


The examinee can go forward or backward to any question by pressing the question number on the ruler.


When the test ends the examinee receives the following message:


If the test is paused by the examiner the examinee receives the following message:


When time is added to the test, the examinee receives the following message:


When the examiner sends a message, the examinee receives it in the following form:


Viewing All Messages

An examinee can view all messages received by pressing the bell icon at the top right of the screen. The number in red represents the total number of messages.



To log out of the Digital LPAD system:

At the top right of the screen, the examinee presses User, and then presses Logout.





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