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FTL’s Digital LPAD allows examiners to test up to 35 examinees in one session, while providing automatic profile reports. Two types of reports are provided:

  • An individual report for each examinee.
  • A class report providing information on the whole group that was tested.This document is intended for examiners administering the Digital LPAD.

System Requirements

The following are required to use Digital LPAD:

  • Desktop, PC (workstation) or tablet
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Up-to-date Google Chrome web browser

Before you start

Obtaining a User Name / Password

Starting in June of 2017, every graduate of the LPAD course can enter the system with:

User Name: The email address that you used to register for the LPAD course

Password: The diploma number

Graduates of the LPAD course before June 2017 should contact the Feuerstein Institute to register for an introductory session to the Digital LPAD system. After this session, you will be issued a username and password to work with the system.

Licenses for examinees

In order to run tests, you need to purchase a user license for each examinee. Licenses can be ordered through the web site or by email. The licenses will be provided within two business days of payment confirmation.

Getting Technical Support

In the event of problems or malfunctions when connecting or working with Digital LPAD, you can contact the Technical Support Center of Feuerstein Dynamic Assessment by:



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