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Creating a Class

From the Management screen, press Create Class.



The Create Class screen appears.

  1. Enter the class name. Enter a name that will help you identify the particular class, such as Amir_2016 or TexasCan_2016.
  2. Select a language for the class. The language selected determines:
    • The language for notifications sent by Digital LPAD
    • The language for verbal tests
    • The format of the date – for example MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY
  3. Enter the appropriate text for the fields.
  4. Enter any additional notes in the Additional Notes field.
  5. Select a cluster. The following clusters are currently used in Digital LPAD:
    • Elementary School (Low)
    • Elementary School (High)
    • Junior High School (Very Challenging)
    • Junior High School (High)
    • High School (Low)
    • High School (High)
    • Students (High)
    • Students (High++)
      • Note: See the LPAD Professional Guide for an explanation of each cluster and its suitability for the examinees.
  6. Add examinees for the test. For each member of the class, enter a first name, last name, date of birth, ID number and then press Add Examinee.
    • Attention: Be sure to enter the date of birth in the correct format, either DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY. This is dependent on your language.
    • Note: Although you can add more than 35 examinees to a class, you can only test up to 35 examinees at one time.
    • Note: ID number can be a social security number or national identity number. If the examinees don’t have such numbers, you can devise your own. One method is to start with the current date and then add two digits “00”.
      For example, on May 21, 2017 start with: 2017052100.
      Then add 1 for each examinee:
      Bill Brewer 2017052101
      Jan Steward 2017052102
      Peter Gurney 2017052103
  7. When all examinees have been added, press Submit to create the class.


After pressing Submit, the Management screen appears with the new class in the list of classes.

The system assigns an ID number to each class. In the example above, the class is assigned the number 262. When an examinee logs into Digital LPAD, he selects the ID number for the class. See Instructions for Examinees for more information.






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