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Running a Test

Starting the Test

In the Management screen, select the class to test from the class list. The list of tests for the class is displayed.

In the example below, class 262 is selected and the tests displayed are:

  • Raven Colored
  • Raven Standard
  • B8-B12
  • Trimodal
  • Variations 1
  • Elementary Pre Numerical Series
  • Elementary Post Numerical Series

Note: Results from pre-tests are not calculated in the profiles of profiles.


Note that the overall test time is displayed as well as the number of minutes for each test. For example, the overall test time shown below is 4 hours and 25 minutes. Raven Colored is 35 minutes, B8-B12 is 45 minutes, and Trimodal is 65 minutes.

The numbers in parentheses represent the number of tasks on the test.

Note: The time allotted for each test by default is the recommended minimum time for the test. See the LPAD Professional Guide for more information about the minimum and maximum times for tests in each cluster.

Before starting the cluster, all examinees need to be connected online.

Scroll down to the Users List to see which examinees are online. In the example below, two examinees are online and one examinee is offline:


To instruct examinees about how to connect, see the section Instructions for Examinees.

Once all examinees are online:

  • Explain any necessary instructions for the test.
  • Press the Start icon for the test. This will enable the examinees to begin the test.

When the test starts, the timer begins counting down:



Managing the Test

There are several operations that you can perform while the test is in progress:

Adding or subtracting time

You can adjust the number of minutes for each test.

  • To add minutes for the test:

In the text box underneath the time remaining, enter the number of minutes to add and then press Add Minutes. The time remaining for the test immediately updates. The example below adds 10 minutes to the time remaining:



  • To subtract minutes for the test:

In the text box underneath the time remaining, enter the number of minutes to subtract preceded by a minus sign. Then press Add Minutes. For example, to subtract 10 minutes enter -10.



Pause and resume the test

  • To pause the test, press the Pause icon for the test.



This sends a notification to each examinee, and prevents them from entering any answers. The time remaining is frozen.

  • To resume the test, press the Start icon for the test.



This allows the examinees to resume the test. The time-remaining resumes counting down.

Send messages

You can send messages to the examinees at any point during the test.

To send a message:

  1. Enter the text in the message box
  2. Press Send Message.



The message will appear on the examinees’ screens.

Examinee’s progress

You can see the progress of each examinee by scrolling down to the Users List. In the example below, Bill Brewer in on question C-2 and has answered 13 out of 30 questions. A progress bar shows his relative progress in the test.



Ending the Test

The test will end automatically when the time remaining is 0. However, you can end the test at any time.

To end the test, press the End Test icon.



When the test ends, a message is sent to the examinees and they are prevented from entering any more answers.

Future Enhancement: Orientation / Mediation

Other than Raven, all tests can be dynamic tests – with orientation, pre-test, mediation and post-test phases.

A future version of Digital LPAD will include the orientation and mediation phases. When a test is in these phases, there will be 1 to 6 tasks where the examinee can only answer one task at a time. He / she will not be able to move to the next or previous task.

The examinee will only be able to move to next task when the examiner decides that the whole class is ready. At that point the examiner can press a button, moving the entire class together to the next task.





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